The goal at Chase Performance Strategies is to unleash the most effective, resilient, motivated high performer within you.

Isn’t it fascinating that we humans generate the same conundrums whenever we get together to accomplish things?  Of course, we achieve miraculous feats. Yet whatever industry we are in, product we make or service we provide, we create the same individual and interpersonal challenges over and again.  We communicate ineffectively, create misunderstanding, act defensively, and fail to follow through on our plans and intentions.

There are so many ways we can build more awareness around these challenges and harness the full potential of our teams and ourselves. I create coaching and learning environments in which we can dig in and explore effective, authentic ways for each individual to engage in the on-going work of achieving that potential.

The primary purpose of this website is to share ideas and stories on my blog. I am swimming in people’s stories all day long. The stories they live with and the ones they are trying to change. I want to share what I’m thinking about as I work with so many brilliant people embracing a process of learning and change.  There are themes, frustrations, and aha moments that come up often. This is a place to explore some of these with the hope they resonate with others in useful ways. Of course everything is anonymous and filtered through my own story.

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